ECO PIR Sensor 50w Black LED Floodlight Warm White or Daylight

Economy LED floodlight
Manufacturer: RA Lighting

Floodlight with PIR movement sensor

Voltage: 110-265V 50/60Hz

Wattage: 50W

LED: 35mil Epiled

Lumen Output: 4250lm (3100K) 4500lm (6500K)

Life Expectancy: 35,000 hours

Guarantee: 2 year

IP Rating: IP65

Detection Angle: 180°

Material: Aluminium & tempered glass

Dimensions: L: 325 x W: 290 x D: 170mm

Working Temp.: -10°C - 40°C

Extra Info: 30cm pre-wired cable (100cm from PO 2253), Allan key screws included. 4th wire to facilitate manual override and control of additional flood lights.




Daylight 6500K LEDFLE50BPIR
£68.00 incl tax
Warm White 3100K LEDFLE50BPIR-31
£68.00 incl tax